4,500-Charging Station Grant Program

Grant application for Quebec municipalities

Direction – Mobilité
May 2022

Important :
Throughout the process, it is recommended to save the form regularly to avoid data loss.

As long as you have not submitted the application, you can retrieve it to make changes or add missing elements. Simply return to your account to access the application between now and the application deadline. After the deadline, it will no longer be possible to submit a grant application.

Click the Submit my application button at the end of the form only when you have completed it and have attached all required supporting documentation.

Be sure to complete all required fields and attach the required supporting documentation, otherwise your application will be rejected automatically.

Each municipality can apply for only one grant per year. An application may include one or more charging stations.

New in May 2022:
It is now possible to submit a grant application for charging stations installed in a municipal parking lot. The type of charging station available for parking lots is the single SmartTwo charging station and the double curbside charging station. A minimum of four (4) single charging stations or two (2) double charging stations must be installed. Charging stations installed in a parking lot must be visible from the street.

Before completing the application, please ensure that the charging stations can be installed on the sidewalk or in a parking lot at the selected locations. Please see the Charging Station Installation Guide

Also, please have the following documents available in electronic format:*

• Map of the streets or the parking lot where the charging stations would be located;
• Estimated installation costs;
• Signed resolution letter from city council (optional, but highly recommended).
*Formats accepted: PDF, JPEG, Word, Excel.

The grant application and all required documents must be submitted through the website by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on August 31, 2022. A copy of the application will also be emailed to you; please keep this copy as proof of your application having been sent.

Applications submitted after this deadline will be rejected.

Applications will be analyzed between September 1 and 30, 2022. Municipalities will receive a written response within one week of completing the application analysis. Only the municipalities selected will be eligible for the grant upon submission of all supporting documentation.

Application form It is no longer possible to submit a grant request.